Winchester 1977 Squirrel Hunt

It has been a good mushroom hunting season, so I’ve let the squirrels get a free pass most of the summer. In my free time, I’ve been shooting the Winchester 1977. Since posting my out of the box review, the only modifications I’ve made to the rifle was to install a LDC. The LDC really makes it shoot quietly and it also shoots with fewer fliers. Check out this 30 yard, 10 shot group with Daisy wadcutter pellets:

Hard to beat that group, considering the price of the rifle and the cheap pellets! I’m still rocking the scope that came with it too. This is certainly good enough for squirrel hunting. At 6 pumps, the 1977 puts out a tad more power than the Daisy 880 does at 10 pumps. Because of this, I’ve been shooting at this power level. Since my scope was sighted in at this power, this is the number of pumps I chose for my brief squirrel hunt this morning.

After getting my orders out in the mail, I clipped a container of Daisy wadcutters to my belt, then pumped and loaded my Winchester 1977. The seed ticks are out in full force and I wasn’t wearing my treated clothes, so this hunt was going to be restricted to my back yard. After a few minutes of watching the birds and walking the perimeter of my yard, a couple of squirrels scampered up a massive oak tree about 20 yards away. The smaller of the two stopped and gave me a perfect offhand head shot:

Wadcutters at low power levels are incredibly effective on small game, and this shot was no exception. For well under $100, I’ve got a killer small game hunting rig. The only real complaint I have with the 1977 is the trigger. If you don’t pay extra careful attention to what you are doing, it is very easy to pull your shot. That being said, if you do your part, the rifle doesn’t disappoint. If you stick with it, it’ll make you a better shot.

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