UUQ 3.5×30 Prism Scope Review

My UTG 4×32 AO scope started letting me down. Something inside must have broke loose, as every time I would take a shot, I’d see some black chunks jumping around. In addition, there was a greasy smudge appearing on the inside of the eyepiece.

I decided to try a compact prismatic scope for the first time and settled on a UUQ 3.5×30 prism scope. It has a lot of features for being an entry level offering. It features a tri-colored illuminated glass etched reticle. A decent set of flip up lens caps are included. There’s an integrated Picatinny mount that seems to be fairly sturdy.

UUQ 3.5x30 Prism Scope
UUQ 3.5×30 Prism Scope

I attached it to my B3-3 by means of a dovetail to picatinny adapter. I’ve been using these adapters to securely mount my optics to rifles that have dovetail rails. They really anchor things down well and don’t cost much to boot.

The illuminated reticle works great and the reticle is perfectly visible without illumination. It features a very thin crosshair with lines for holdover. Here’s a picture I took of it with my cellphone:

UUQ Prism Scope Crosshairs
UUQ Prism Scope Crosshairs

The picture is a little washed out from the bright sunshine and cheap cellphone camera, but should give you a good idea of what it looks like. Unfortunately, there’s no real provision on the reticle for windage compensation. I adjusted the focus to give me a fairly clear sight picture from 10 to 100 yards. This is accomplished by loosening the front locking ring and rotating the front lens. Once the desired focus is achieved, tighten the front locking ring to save your setting.

I think it looks pretty good on my B3-3
I think it looks pretty good on my B3-3

I’ve ran a tin of pellets through it since mounting and sighting in. So far, it has held zero perfectly. The reticle is clear and the optics are pretty decent for being such a cheap device. The mounting is solid and the adjustment clicks are sharp with no slop. There are a couple little issues with this scope that you might want to consider.

First is the scope adjustment. You’ll notice that the direction on the adjustment screw does not agree with the direction on the body of the scope:

Which direction is correct?
Which direction is correct?

To save you some trouble, the direction printed on the scope body is the correct one. A minor nuisance, but definitely not a deal breaker for me. The other word of caution is the lack of eye relief – around 2″ worth. Perfect for air rifles, .22 LR, pistol caliber carbines, possibly light rifle calibers, but certainly not enough for topping your shotgun with. Lack of windage compensation is another consideration.

Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and have been impressed with the clarity of the glass, laser sharp reticle, and ability to hold zero so far.  I’d highly recommend it if you want a compact optic for a reasonable price.


This scope has continued to be a performer. I’ve thrown it on my SKS and mid powered springers and it still retains its zero. The illumination continues to work, even with the original battery. It is one of the best scopes I’ve found to top my Beeman P17 carbine with.

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