Umarex Fuel .177 Review

I’ve been shooting the Umarex Fuel .177 for six months now. In that time, I have really grown to love this fine air rifle. It is great for target practice, plinking, and hunting.

My airgun of choice - the Umarex Fuel in .177
My airgun of choice – the Umarex Fuel in .177

Here’s my initial video impression of the air rifle:

So, the biggest disappointment with this setup was the scope. I replaced it with a Centerpoint 4-16×40 AO scope with an illuminated Mil-Dot reticle. Needless to say, this is more than enough scope and it has really made the air rifle shine.

With the negative aside, let’s talk the positives. It has a rock solid scope rail that keeps you on target tin after tin of pellets. The suppressor makes shooting as quiet as you can with a spring piston airgun. Speaking of spring pistons, the gas ram is consistent and hard hitting.

That brings me to another interesting thing about this air rifle. It shoots well from the built in bipod. While better accuracy can be had from the artillery hold, this air rifle shoots well in the hands of less experienced airgunners. I think it is due to the sheer mass of the air rifle combined with the fast lock time of the gas piston.

It is a fine squirrel hunting air rifle, I’ve taken a lot of game with it:

My cat admires my hunting success.
My cat admires my hunting success.

I highly recommend that you look at the Umarex Fuel .177 as a potential airgun purchase if you are in the market for a powerful air rifle and want to give springers a try.

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