Tired of YouTube’s PC BS

Giving YouTube and Google the boot.

I’m going to do my best not to get political here, but YouTube’s behavior over the last several months doesn’t give me much confidence in it being a viable host for my airgun related videos. I’ve researched many alternatives and decided to use BitChute as my new host for airgun and hunting content.

Many video streaming services have failed trying to compete with YouTube. Most of them fail because video streaming requires large amounts of bandwidth, which is very costly. BitChute has a unique solution to the bandwidth problem – it uses the peer to peer technology of webtorrents. It is this technology that makes me think this service will succeed where others have failed.

This morning, I took a walk with my B3-3 that I’m constantly improving. It has rained almost non-stop for the last couple weeks and my wet weather creek is starting to flow. Here’s a short video clip from my walk, testing my ability to embed videos from this new platform:

It isn’t as easy to embed videos and they don’t have a go to fullscreen option yet, but that’s a small price to pay for free speech. Here’s my channel, if you’d like to subscribe to stay on top of my latest airgun shenanigans: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/BcbbNhrQhJwO/.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, I expect things will be bumpy transitioning from a Google-centric universe, but we will all be better off in the long run.

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