Tips, Tricks, and Modifications

I enjoy taking inexpensive air rifles and pistols and making them better. Follow the links below to see how I work my magic with relatively common tools:

Squeezing more out of my Umarex Fuel – breakbarrels often need a new breech seal right out of the box.

Adventures in shimming – breakbarrels sometimes have their breech seal cut too deep. A shim or two will bring things to where they belong.

How to tune airgun triggers – most airguns are designed for lawyers, not shooters. Learn how to modify them at your own risk!

The B3-3 Project – a old, very common underlever design gets the treatment. It has turned into one of my favorite low powered shooters.

Daisy 880 Project – the 880 is often the first powerful air rifle a teen gets his hands on. I’m a little late to the game, but I’m having a blast with this one.

Improving the Daisy 880 Pump – the 880 really wakes up with just a bit of dental floss, epoxy putty, and teflon tape.

Daisy 880 Power Valve Mods – I’ve got the Daisy 880 making over 10 fpe with 10 pumps!

Stroking the B3-3 – squeezing more power out of the Chinese B3-3!

Easy B3 Spring Guide – easy fix to one of the most common B3 series problems.

Beeman P17 Mods –  modifying a Beeman P17 to the extreme.

Hacking the 1322 – armed with a 3d printer and tools, I undertake to make a quiet, accurate 1322 for as little money as possible.

Shooting the 880 Quietly – enjoy quiet shooting with your Daisy Powerline 880 with these simple tips and tricks.

Free Flight Hammer – with a simple design, hammer bounce is a thing of the past on my 1322.

Bear River Sportsman 900 – took a refurbished rifle that leaked from the manufacturer and made it shoot much better.

Daisy Powerline 880 Receiver Strength – beef up your 880’s receiver for better accuracy.

Installing Peeps on the Barra 1866 – take your rifle to the next level by installing a Williams peep and a custom front sight.