Some older squirrel hunting footage

If you enjoy shooting air rifles, but don’t enjoy hunting, then you will want to visit other parts of this site. For those of you that enjoy hunting, I’ve got a couple of videos that I shot while hunting with my Umarex Fuel .177. Here’s a video that I took shortly after purchasing the rifle:

As you can tell, it puts them out humanely with minimal damage to the meat. Here’s a video I took while wearing my GoPro clone. I bagged a squirrel within a minute of leaving my door. This was an offhand shot from a tad over 20 paces:

With my new smartphone to scope adapter, I’ll be able to take more sophisticated hunting videos in the future.

Author: Geo

I've enjoyed shooting and hunting with airguns since my early teen years. For well over a decade, I have shared my passion for airguns on this website.

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