All the products I review are purchased with my own money. Here’s some airguns and related items that I’ve reviewed:

Umarex Fuel .177 Review – My first gas ram rifle.

Crosman Piranha vs. Destroyer EX – A comparison of two common .177 hunting pellets.

XCortech X3200 MK3 Chronograph Review – A great affordable airgun chronograph.

Vortek Spring Hunting – I added a Vortek spring to my Gamo S1k with great results.

Refurbished Hatsan Edge .22 Review – Probably the most bang for my airgun buck.

Battle of the Hollow Points .22 Edition – Comparing some .22 hollow points.

UUQ 3.5×30 Prism Scope – My first compact prismatic scope.

Barra Cowboy Series 1866 Review – A look at a new gun with classic styling.

Bargain Knives – Inexpensive, yet proven knives for the outdoorsman.