Refurbished Hatsan Edge .22 Review

I need another air rifle like I need to lose more hair. That didn’t matter when I was looking at Hatsan’s refurbished deals and found they were selling the Edge spring version in .22 for $39.99 plus $5 shipping. It only took a couple of days for my rifle to show up:

Hatsan Edge in .22
Hatsan Edge in .22

I topped it with a dovetail to picatinny rail adapter and mounted a UTG 4×32 AO scope on it for testing. Even with the scope, it is a fairly lightweight setup. They claim 800 fps with lead pellets and the person doing the inspection said the rifle averaged 787 fps in his tests. Close enough.

When I received it, I noticed that the breech seal had a couple creases in it and was flush with the barrel. I wrapped about 6″ of waxed dental floss around the seal area to make a shim and reinstalled the breech seal. Here’s the results:

Velocity after fixing breech seal
Velocity after fixing breech seal

These speeds and energies are very respectable. I like the trend toward heavy pellets so much, I’ve ordered some Beeman Kodiaks and JSB Jumbo pellets. Both pellets have high BCs, so they should be able to reach out and pack a punch on game.

Unlike many springers, I found my groups tightened up with a firm grip on the Edge. It is shooting dime sized groups at 20 yards with the RWS Super H Point pellets. The cocking is a little gritty, the shot cycle has a bit of a high pitch ring to it, and the trigger has a lot of creep.

In spite of that, I think the rifle is a bargain at the full retail price and an absolute steal refurbished. I’ve already begun modifying the rifle and will share my progress as I work some magic on the Edge.

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