Hunting and Recipes

After making my airguns more powerful and accurate, I like to hunt with them. Between fishing and airgun hunting, a significant portion of our meat comes from the wild. Follow the pages below for my hunting stories and recipes:

First Squirrel of the 2018 Season – Spectacular shot and equally impressive results!

Roast Squirrel – slow roasting meat is a sure fire way to successful wild game preparation.

Some older squirrel hunting footage – I’ve got a little video footage of a couple of hunts to share.

Pulled Whistlepig – Groundhogs go by many names and dinner usually isn’t one of them. Here’s a recipe that could change that.

Daisy 880 Squirrel Hunting – a nostalgic hunt for me. The 880 is definitely up to the job.

Cajun Squirrel and Rice – Probably my personal favorite.

Slow Cooked Raccoon and Gravy – Raccoon is a tasty wild meat.

Squirrel Jerky – How to make jerky from small game meat.

Hunting with the Barra Cowboy Series 1866 – A new gun styled after classics takes its first game.

The Barra 1866 Puts Lunch on the Table – A hunting and recipe post. Successfully turned an old, tough squirrel in to tender table fare.