How to shoot your Daisy 880 Quietly

Low powered air rifles are pretty quiet compared to firearms, but they still make a good bit of noise. In this post, I’m going to talk about the things that I do to make my Daisy 880 shoot quieter, enhancing my hunting capabilities and being less noticeable to those around me.

My 880 - a quiet hunting machine
My 880 – a quiet hunting machine

Probably the first noise you’ll notice when using your 880 is the sound of the pump handle. That clack-clack sound is pretty loud, and it seems even louder when you are trying to kill that second squirrel you see. There’s a really simple fix you can do. First, remove the pump handle retaining spring. This will make opening the handle easier and quieter.

Now we need to make closing the handle quiet. I went to my local hardware store and picked up some adhesive-backed felt pads. My pump handle was cleaned with a bit of rubbing alcohol, then I stuck one of those pads on:

Cheap, easy fix for pump handle noise
Cheap, easy fix for pump handle noise

Notice that it is near the end of the handle. Now you can pressurize your 880 quietly and possibly get followup shots where you couldn’t before.

The hollow stock seems to resonate sound. You can fill it with expansion foam if you want to keep your 880 lightweight. If you want to add some weight and adjust the balance of your 880, the stock can be filled with caulk.

The next real noise your 880 will make is the muzzle report. There are a few ways to minimize shot noise. First, be sure your pumping matches your quarry. If you are taking down pest birds or mice, 3 to 5 pumps at close range are likely all you need. Less pressure, less noise.

When you are hunting things that require more power, switching to a heavier pellet will give you more power and reduce the report. Two for the price of one! Out of the box, the Daisy 880 shoots heavier pellets with better efficiency and less noise, and that trend continues as you apply power mods.

The ultimate in quiet shooting
The ultimate in quiet shooting

The final step in getting your Daisy 880 shooting quietly is to install a LDC, or airgun moderator. This reduces the noise of the shot down to a mouse sneeze. When I was wanting to quiet my 880 down, I couldn’t find any that would work, so I designed and made my own. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, you can find them for sale at my store.

Combined with all the previously mentioned steps, the LDC will make multiple followup shots possible from a good hidden shooting position. You’ll be able to target practice in the backyard without annoying those around you. Many of these techniques can be applied to other pumpers such as the Crosman 2100, 13XX series, and Benjamin rifles as well.

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