Easy B3 Spring Guide

One of the biggest problems with the B3 is the brittle plastic spring guide. All too often, you take a B3 apart and the guide portion is broken off and riding inside the spring. The guide is also very short and could use a couple more inches of length.

To rectify these shortcomings, I cut off the spring guide and preload portion of the stock guide. A 1/2″ hole was drilled through the center of the remaining plug.

I took some 1/2″ round stock steel and cut a 6.25″ length of it. This piece was chucked in my drill, and using a file, sandpaper, and was ground, sanded, and polished. I then slid it into the plug portion I had left of the original guide. A 1/4″ hole was drilled through the steel rod using the pin hole in the plug as a guide. Here’s the two pieces ready for installation:

B3 Spring guide made with simple tools
B3 Spring guide made with simple tools

When the B3 is reassembled, the retaining pin is driven through both the plug and steel portion of the guide. This long guide has turned the B3 into a very smooth cocking and shooting air rifle. There is minimal preload on the spring in the current form. My speed now is 535 fps with 14.5 grain pellets. I just ordered a slightly stronger spring from Vortek, I’m hoping that I can reach a reliable 550 fps in the near future with it.

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