Daisy Powerline 880 Receiver Strengthening

If you never disassemble your Daisy 880, you’ll probably never need to do this modification. People like me who can’t make it a week without opening their rifle will quickly discover that the screws that hold the upper portion of the receiver halves together will strip out their holes leading to poor accuracy and problematic scope mounting.

Upper receiver halves to staying together
Upper receiver halves not staying together

More drastic measures may need to be taken later, but I’ve got a simple solution that so far has worked quite well. I carefully drilled out the existing holes with a 1/8″ drill bit, chasing the bottom hole a little deeper to give more thread engagement. The next thing I did was to thread them carefully using a 6-32 machine screw.

Location of holes that need to be drilled and threaded
Location of holes that need to be drilled and threaded marked by the long screws

Now that the holes are threaded, I cut a couple #6 screws and dressed the ends so they would fit my receiver perfectly. I reassembled my 880, tightening these top screws first, then working my way down. The heads protrude just slightly and could use some paint, but the important thing is that my scope can now hold zero because the halves no longer flex along the top.

The 880 receiver halves are locked in place now
The 880 receiver halves are locked in place now

Should this arrangement wear out, I’ll simply drill all the way through and hold the two halves together with a machine screw and nut. In the meantime, I’ve got my accuracy and spent next to nothing on the modification! A similar process can be used for the two small stock screws, as these tend to wear out as well.

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