Bit by the tuning bug again!

Many thousands of pellets have flown downrange since I’ve written here. In that time, I’ve purchased a Beeman QB78 and converted it to PCP. It has topped out as a 33 FPE monster, but I’m not here to write about that right now. I made the mistake of picking up and shooting my B3-3 the other day and decided I needed to go back to my springer roots.

I have break barrels and underlevers, so I decided it is time to get a side lever. Do you know how hard it is to find an affordable side lever? Diana seems to be one of the few companies still making them, but I don’t like to spend over $400 on an air rifle when I can have fun tuning three or four for the same price. Luckily for me, Mrodair had a side lever more in my price range.

Today, I received a B5, a Chinese spring piston AK-47 looking thing. Mine is in .22 and is almost all wood and metal construction. The only plastic I see on this airgun is the sides of the folding stock and some grip material to make the side lever more comfortable. Like most guns from overseas, there was cosmoline and some unknown oil everywhere.

My new B5 in .22
My new B5 in .22

I ran a couple patches through the barrel and a shop rag over the exterior and loading area. I then mounted a dovetail to picatinny rail and topped it all with my UTG 4×32 AO scope. I decided to test it out initially with CPHPs to work out the bugs. The cocking was the smoothest out of the box I’ve ever experienced with a cheap springer.

Then I took aim and squeezed the trigger. Must be on safe. No, it isn’t on safe. I took aim again and squeezed the trigger, this time much harder. Much, much harder! This thing must have the heaviest trigger in the world, I’d guess it broke around 15 pounds. If I don’t do something about this trigger, my finger is going to look like Quagmire’s arm after he discovered the dirty side of the internet! (If you have a devious sense of humor look that up on YouTube)

After a few dozen shots, I decided it was time to get a benchmark on accuracy before I tear it down, chop it up, and tune it. Most of my Chinese airguns really like RWS Hobby pellets, so I decided to use these for testing. I set up a grid target at 10 yards and took my favorite seated position. If you click on the picture in this post, you’ll notice I circled the group in red.

A half inch group at 10 yards with the worst trigger I’ve ever squeezed and no tune! I’ve got a real diamond in the rough here and I’ll be sure to update this site as I make progress.

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