1322 ACP Squirrel Hunt

I was testing out a LDC on Christmas morning and noticed that there were 7 to 8 squirrels chasing each other in the treetops about 30 yards beyond my targets. With my targets being 45 yards away, I figured I’d better work my way in closer for good clean kills. I sneaked within 30 yards of the squirrels and sat on the path waiting for an opportunity. It didn’t take long – a squirrel ran down a tree and perched on a large vine. I carefully squeezed off the shot, sending the RWS Superpoint into its ear.

You can silence an air rifle, but you can’t silence the impact. Those Superpoints hit really hard! The impact noise scared another squirrel up a tree and I slowly pumped 9 recharge pumps. The tree was 30 yards away and the squirrel was about 30 feet up the tree. Another precise shot to the brain sent this squirrel tumbling to the ground.

Two squirrels down within a minute

I sat for a minute more, then decided two squirrels was enough for now. As I was cleaning them, a couple more squirrels chased each other until they were within 25 yards of my deck, playing in the thick brush. After cleaning the two I had, I grabbed my 1322 once more to see if I could shoot one of these rascals.

Since they were in some thick brush, I crept in closer, getting to about 15 yards from them. They chased each other up into the top of a sapling, giving me a clear shot. I squeezed off a shot between the eyes of the closest one and began my recharge pumps in an attempt to nail them both. The shot one fell motionless to the ground and the other one ran down the sapling to see what had happened to his buddy. A quick sniff later, and he got wise to what was going on, taking off for the woods.

He never knew what hit him

This platform is quickly becoming my favorite squirrel hunting rig. It is rock solid and 9.5 FPE at the muzzle proves to be extremely effective with a mild holdover out to 30 yards. The muzzle report is virtually nonexistent with the 6.5″ LDC on the barrel. I need to work on silencing the pump itself, but I’m still able to get followup shots in spite of its noise. Here’s a couple of the pellets I recovered from these squirrels:

Recovered pellets compared to a fresh one

As you can tell from the above photo, even with only 5.5 FPE on impact, they are fully capable of delivering a fatal dose of lead to the target. Squirrels are tough animals, but extreme accuracy and a complete energy dump into the target are a lethal combo fully capable of humanely harvesting small game. I now have 3 squirrel hides tanning and we had the squirrels last night for dinner after an afternoon of fishing. Life is great!

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