Over the last 12 or so years, I’ve documented my airgun hobby on this website. In that time, both the web and I have changed a lot. I’ll leave the old site available here, and continue my latest part of the journey on this blog. Use the links at the top of the site to find your way around here.

In addition to modifying airguns, I also enjoy hunting with them. Air rifles are commonly used for pest control and unfortunately, there’s a lot of good meat that goes to waste because many people don’t realize many of these pests are not only edible, but tasty. Check out my hunting page for hunting stories as well as recipes and tips for preparing pests for the table.

The Daisy 880 - a timeless classic
The Daisy 880 – a timeless classic

There are a lot of resources out there showing off high end equipment. My goal with this site is to share the potential that can be unleashed by tuning fairly inexpensive air rifles that you can buy at your local stores. With some simple tools and attention to details, you can dramatically increase both the power and accuracy of a cheap airgun, making it useful, fun, and practical. Tune your own at your own risk and be safe at all times.

P17 carbine sporting a LDC
P17 carbine sporting a LDC

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