New .25 Dart

Building accurate, reliable airgun darts is a real challenge. After dozens of designs, I have finally found one that produces consistent results, stabilizes quickly after leaving the barrel, and packs a real punch. Here it is:

My best .25 dart design so far
My best .25 dart design so far

Total weight is 80 grains. At 1000 psi, these travel at 355 fps for a quiet shooting 22 fpe. At 3000 psi, these come alive at 600 fps and 64 fpe. Shooting into a trap at 1000 psi, the darts can be reused dozens of times.

Here’s what went into the above design. A stable dart will be forward heavy. That’s why I added three nuts to the front.

An accurate dart needs to stay centered in the barrel. To achieve this, I took some .25″ od poly pipe to use as a main body. The tail is made from the same material.

An accurate dart has a tail that doesn’t get knocked around until impact. The tail is held in place with hot glue and a nut. The nut keeps it in place, even with a 3000 psi fill. The tail is cut, dividing the tubing in four equal parts that are flared out to provide drag stabilization.

A powerful dart forms a good seal with the barrel. Between the poly pipe body and tail, not much air can blowby. The dart has to be pushed down the barrel with a ramrod to load.

I hope this design gives you some ideas should you choose to build a dart shooting airgun.

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