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I like to create things, and occasionally make something I think others will enjoy. If I don’t use it, I won’t sell it. I ship orders for free in the U.S. Tuesday through Friday excluding the holidays. All items carry a 30 day guarantee. If you decide you don’t like it, just let me know, I’ll pay first class return shipping and refund you as soon as I receive the item in the mail.

If you’d like to place an order, simply message me with what you’re interested in and I’ll answer any questions you might have, help you pick the right item/options, and discuss any shipping discounts for multi item orders. Customer service and promoting the sport of airguns are my top priorities.

Daisy LDC System

Is your Daisy 880, 901, Winchester 77, or similar model too noisy for your backyard or indoor range? I have a unique solution to quiet things down: a 3d printed airgun silencer with a integrated adapter that makes it specific to Daisy air rifles. Simply knock out the existing front sight and slip the LDC in its place. Unlike the Daisy front sight, these support a good length of the barrel and barrel shroud with very close tolerances, improving accuracy.

Carbon fiber LDC
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These are available without a front sight for $15, with a front sight for $18, or built with a real carbon fiber body for $28.

Custom LDC for Crosman 22XX and 13XX rifles

Air rifles have changed a lot over the years, but it is hard to resist at least one custom Crosman 22XX or 13XX build. Finish that build off with a custom carbon fiber LDC. I build them to order in lengths up to 6.5″ for the flat price of $36. Here’s one I built for a customer on the end of my test platform:

Custom LDC for Crosman rifles
Custom LDC for Crosman rifles

These feature 3 set screws, enabling a wide range of adjustment to avoid pellet clipping. If you have any clipping, simply back off the set screws, rotate 60 degrees, tighten and test until your groups are tight.

Other custom work

Do you have a different air rifle you need an LDC for? Just let me know the barrel outer diameter, the caliber, and length you’d like the LDC to be and I can probably make it happen, much like the above LDC.. I also build tool steel pivot pins for the 13XX rifles. Simply shoot me an email with your idea, and I’ll get back with you on whether the project is within my abilities.


The LDCs I make are designed to be used for specific air rifles only. Attempts to modify them will void the 30 day guarantee. Do not attempt to adapt them for use with firearms. Doing so without the proper licensing is illegal. Such activities are extremely dangerous as my LDCs are purposely designed for airgun pressures only. LDCs are not for sale to New Jersey. By purchasing one, you are telling me that they are legal in your jurisdiction. For more information on air rifle LDCs, please read this case.