Been shooting and experimenting

The weather has been nicer lately, so I’ve been doing a good bit of shooting as well as experimenting. I came across my old Hercules B-4-2 air rifle. It is in terrible shape,  but has usable parts. I plan to cut, shorten, and reweld the piston to add some swept volume to my B3-3. Perhaps I can get it up to 550 fps?

Old B-4-2 Piston
Old B-4-2 Piston. Shortened a bit, time to weld for safety.

Of course power is nothing without accuracy. In my never ending quest for spring piston accuracy, I’ve decided to soft bed my B3-3 with Sorbothane. Man, that stuff is expensive! I got a square foot of it, enough to bed all my rifles and then some. Of course, it arrived just before dark, on the night before my workweek starts. Even so, I’ve got the bedding job done and did a little outdoor plinking. The initial results are promising, and I’ll be sure to detail it all soon.

Soft bedding
Soft bedding my B3-3 with Sorbothane disks.

A lot less vibration is felt and heard though the stock. I did some 30 to 60 yard plinking on clay pigeons using a firmer rifle type hold with very pleasing results. I’ll put it on paper this upcoming week and see how it does. I’m hoping that Sorbothane will make my spring pistons less hold sensitive.

In spite of having higher quality guns as well as more powerful guns, it is funny how I always end up back at the old B3-3. I’m very tempted to pick up another in .177 to balance my collection.

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