Over the last 12 or so years, I’ve documented my airgun hobby on this website. In that time, both the web and I have changed a lot. I’ll leave the old site available here, and continue my latest part of the journey on this blog. Use the links at the top of the site to find your way around here.

In addition to modifying airguns, I also enjoy hunting with them. I’ll do my best to keep the hunting and cooking part separate from the modifications for the nonhunters out there. For the rest of you, I’m sure you will enjoy the recipes and the cheap protein sources that your airgun can provide.

Here’s one of my latest projects, a Beeman P17 pistol that I’ve converted into a carbine:

P17 Carbine - Gained over 1 ft-lb with all the modifications!
P17 Carbine – shoots at 4 ft-lbs!

That’s just a taste of what my projects are like: Start cheap, find things laying around, add a lot of elbow grease, and end up with a sweet shooter! I hope you enjoy your visit and happy airgunning!