I’ve been documenting my airgun hobby and sharing my experiences on this site for over 10 years. In that time, the web has changed a lot. To keep up with these changes, I’m switching to a blog style format. This transition will take some time, but should improve the readability and functionality of the site for both desktop and mobile users. In the process, I’ll keep the best information from the old site and add new information as well.

This site has evolved from Crosman modifications to homemade airguns. Lately, I’ve been putting more time toward shooting airguns and hunting with them. So as time goes on, my interests and focus change, resulting in a new direction for the site. I hope you find the changes interesting and informative.

Here’s my primary airgun, a Umarex Fuel in .177:

My airgun of choice - the Umarex Fuel in .177
My airgun of choice – the Umarex Fuel in .177

Much of the new information on this site will center around spring piston airguns, as they are currently what I’m into shooting. I also love DIY projects, so I’ll be doing articles on the ones that pertain to the shooting sports as well. Here’s my latest such project: DIY Smartphone to Scope Adapter.

Please be patient as I port the best parts of the old site over to this new format.New content will be my main focus, so stay tuned for new articles and adventures. In the mean time, you can access the old site here. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for shooting and hunting footage as well as my other DIY hobbies. For my other DIY projects, check out my other site: The Green Energy Experimenter.